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I have traveled to Bali several years ago.

I have traveled to Bali several years ago. I did not check it properly before I go, but the place I went was 3 months ago when I got a terrorist incident and it was close to the place where many people died. I knew it the first time I asked the local people. Whether Bali is suitable for Japanese people or meals are delicious, the hotel we stayed at was right as it was, but the impression was not good first, the local taxi. While riding, the driver drives and talks all the way, taking a detour. In order to raise the meter even a little. Although I instructed the way as expected though it is in this state anything is known if I am a Bali travel beginner. And although I was not there, I heard that it is told that I will take a picture and if I give the camera easily, it is likely that I will take it as it is. There are some mothers and children who beggar on the road, something noises with children coming along. The sea is beautiful, prices are cheap, very attractive, but it was a traveling destination I dare not want to go again.