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An unforgettable school trip

An unforgettable school trip ""Cambodia"". Embarking on expectation and anxiety Come on departing ・ ・ ・. In the airplane I went through with a haircut. I landed at the airport in Cambodia and headed to the hotel. Well good memories are here .... First of all, local people asked attention to the food of the stalls, but ordered a strange soup from curiosity to want to eat local things. Although it looks ordinary, it was not a thing that appeals to children with a child-stained thing, but I realized that it is impossible to drink this soup at once. After this, food was unanimously decided with hotels and convenience stores. But it was already late. Gradually, my stomach became bad and I searched for a toilet rather than sightseeing spots ... Because almost all of them suffered from abdominal pain, I was afraid of what the soup was all around. After all we thought that Japan was the most delicious and safer food. Also, the souvenir shop does not have taste, the souvenir bought at intuition is almost lost. The most pleasing thing is potato chips and banana chips which I bought at convenience stores in Cambodia .... But, this is also really delicious. Cambodia recommends visiting tourist sites, but I think that it is better to stop food.